Expected Results

The Second Base programmes are for people who want to develop their leadership styles by exploring the relationships between self, community (local or global) and organisation in a challenging and enjoyable manner.

Throughout the Second Base experience, participants will be exposed to experiential learning opportunities which include:

Current context

  • understand where you are at right now
  • understand the trajectory you are on i.e. where this is taking you
  • understand your impact on others

Values based leadership and reflection

  • explore your values and purpose
  • learn to become more stable and consistent in your leadership contribution
  • understand whats wanted and needed around you
  • learn practical ways to step into the style of leadership contribution you aspire to have

Transformational leadership

  • find your own leadership purpose and its connection to your professional goals
  • develop a sense of broader life perspective and an understanding of your own priorities so that life is more fulfilling than compromising
  • realise the magnitude and potential of your leadership responsibility
  • make that adjustment from your default patterns of behaviour to creating an experience of leadership that you would prefer
  • learn to help others in a more empowering way.