Participant Profile

Second Base is a custom-designed programme that challenges and inspires participants to develop their leadership style. The programme is targeted to the experienced senior executive. You may send a team from a single organisation or contribute participants to an agreed network of organisations:

  • Leadership teams. For newly formed or existing leadership groups, the benefits of this programme include establishing shared values and an aligned purpose, increasing your familiarity and appreciation of each other, reinvigorating the members, and developing a strong support network to enable on-going growth and development.
  • Stakeholder or other cross-sectional teams. In addition to the individual benefits, the value of taking mixed groups includes assisting in the dissemination of shared values and purpose, improving relationships, breaking down silos, reducing conflict and enhancing organisational communication.
  • Experienced executive leaders (individual). For the experienced senior manager or any other individual participant, this programme offers an opportunity to reflect on and develop your personal leadership style, create greater understanding around your own values, purpose and life alignment, increase your knowledge of methods of improving personal well being, empowering people around you (staff, peers and managers) and improving role sustainability. It also gives leaders an opportunity to develop a greater peer learning and support network, and rejuvenate themselves and their passion for leadership.

The programme can be customised to suit:

New managers and recruits. As a scheme for new recruits this programme offers to inspire employees,
challenge and test them, and create an intrinsic value alignment with the organisation.

All participants enhance
their personal understanding
of "leadership" in regards to:

Who can make a difference? - personal responsibility
How I make a difference? - action, intention and inspiration
What I will do differently? - personal values, goals and learning agenda