Learning Approach

Second Base is a challenging, experiential learning programme. It uses facilitated coaching techniques and exercises that expose participants to learning opportunities to guide them to their own realisations. Second Base coaches guide participants to realise that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but only when the "whole" works together effectively with aligned goals and realised values. With these principles in mind, the team-building activities are centred on establishing a shared value system and an alignment of purpose towards a social outcome. The challenging environment is selected as it efffectively strips participants of their academic reference points and enables people to get very real with themselves and others and see the power they have when contributing from this space.

Outline of the features on the flag ship programme to Nepal:



Expected Results

Third world living

Community teaching

Leadership development


Project management


Team support


Organisational application

Live briefly with host families

Run community education sessions

Receive one-to-one coaching and attend workshops

Work as a team to complete a community project

Participate in team workshops, interpersonal coaching and thoughtstorms

Trek through the Hymalayas

Receive on-site, company workshops to facilitate preparation and develop on-going support practices

Leadership awareness



Team building

Personal confidence

Personal responsibility


Transformational change

Improved leadership practices