Nepal Programme

  • BGL Group
  • British Gas
  • Contact Energy
  • Cocacola Amatil
  • Esquire Coffee
  • Fonterra
  • GAC Group
  • Marahau Sea Kayaks
  • NZL Group
  • Kajavala Forestry
  • Port of Nelson
  • Ports of Auckland
  • Step Up Coaching
  • Tainui Group Holdings
  • The Warehouse
  • TR Group NZ Ltd
  • Waikato Tainui Lands Trust

In - House

  • BGL Group
  • British Gas
  • Department of Building and Housing
  • Fonterra
  • Fraser Logging
  • Kajavala Forestry
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Pinnacle Corporation
  • Stimpson & Co
  • Tainui Group and Waikato Lands Trust

Organisational Testimonials:

Comments from participant employers include "I have seen a remarkable change; she is calmer and more patient with her staff and us. The whole team has felt a change", "The stress seems to have left her face", "She is teaching us all these new techniques and people are loving it. It's breaking down conflicts and opening people up to speak more freely. Though we tease her that she's always saying...'In Nepal I...'", "There is definitely more confidence. Difficult conversations that were previously avoided are now being handled with apparent ease", "More approachable and listens", "Much clearer on what she wants from life and this company now.