WHAT do we offer?

Second Base is leadership training and facilitation service. We specialise in offering experiential workshops to help align teams around strategy, organisational culture and introduce personal development and learning philosophies to individuals as they seek to enhance their leadership impact.

We generally provide bespoke services but there are also three popular off-the-shelf engagement options available: 

1. A two week programme based in Nepal with multiple participants.

2. A two-day private workshop in Motueka, New Zealand, with a one-to-one coach.

3. A year-long engagement programme working with an organisational team.

4. One-day team strategy and visioning session.


Our workshops focus on harnessing Intention, Imagination, Planning and Action. They provoke self-awareness and personal responsibility in the individual or team and take a "get real" approach to inspired change and big picture contribution. We encourage mindfulness, environmental care and contribution. We encourage contemplation of impact at home, at work and within the community. We seek real change. We work on emotional hygiene and support people with areas of internal struggle and we show how personal change creates external results.   Our workshops our powerful and impactful immediately.

Upcoming Courses

Second Base is focused on leadership development and alignment.

 Second Base services include:

  • Strategy Sessions
    • For board of directors: Leadership alignment and direction around a shared purpose, inspired vision and clear and practical agenda
    • For small/medium sized business owners - Private workshops to develop the clarity of direction to enable you to build a business that has the lifestyle and life contribution you want.
    • For operational teams - join a facilitated group to support you in learning how to translate an inspired strategy into your own teams performance and delivery.
  • Personal Leadership
    • Private and customised coaching plans are build specifically to meet your personal needs.
    • Private two day workshops are offered for an intensive and transformational experience.
    • A two week, Nepal-base Humilty-Centred Leadership workshop for global participants to experience a learning opportunity that will leave a lifetime imprint on themselves and the place the visit. A truly extraordinary experience for all levels of leadership. You just need a desire to grow and a care for others. Plus a little courage.

Parent & Teen programme

These programmes are available annually, timed around secondary school holidays in Easter (for NZ). Similar timing considerations can be made for other regions and programmes will be delivered on request. We recommend this programme be pitched to a network or broader community group and presentations can be delivered to support the promotion. 


  • Minimum participation: 3 x Parent and Teen pairs.
  • Maximum participation: 6 x Parent and Teen pairs.
  • Recommended ages: 12 years plus.
  • Parent and Teen will live together throughout the two-week programme but split into different groups and work individually at times. All members must be keen to participate.


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