Leadership Support Services

Second Base is leadership development service. We specialise in offering customised, experiential workshops for groups and individuals.

Do you need support with your leadership style?

1. And up for a radical experience? .... A two-week Nepal-based, Humility-Centred Leadership Course is a life changer.

2. And you want private and immediate results? A Two-Day Customised Workshop can be booked at any date of your convenience and delivered in private location that works at your pace and to your needs.

3. But don't know exactly what you don't know or what you might need? Then have a call and a Customised Programme of Support can developed to meet your requirements.

Our workshops focus on identifying a bigger picture sense of purpose, creating an inspired vision, turning it into manageable steps and agenda items, and starting the exploration around what you need to be as a leader to create this. Our work provokes self-awareness and personal responsibility in the individual or team and takes a "get real" approach to inspired change and big picture contribution. We encourage mindfulness, environmental care and contribution. We encourage contemplation of impact at home, at work and within the community. We seek real change. We work on emotional hygiene, personal well-being and get participants reaching for real support people in any areas of struggle. And, we show how personal change creates external results.   Our workshops our powerful and immediately impactful.

Do you need support with your strategy?

  • If you are a board of directors and you want some support aligning your members around a shared purpose, vision and strategy and you want a clear inspired direction to pass on to your leadership team, a Bespoke Strategy Session can be an ideal solution.
  • If you are a small/medium sized business and you want a strategy that sees you meet all the wants and needs of all those in your life, considers the lifestyle you wish to lead and the impact and influence you want to leave as a legacy, then a Personal Strategy Session can be extremely helpful.
  • Are you already doing a great job of your strategy but the next level of leadership beneath you is struggling to implement and turn your vision into a plan? Then a Group Strategy Development Workshop is a great next step.