Second Base is leadership training and facilitation service. We specialise in offering experiential workshops to help align teams around strategy, organisational culture and introduce personal development and learning philosophies to individuals as they seek to enhance their leadership impact.

We generally provide bespoke services but there are also three popular off-the-shelf engagement options available: 

1. A two week programme based in Nepal with multiple participants.

2. A two-day private workshop in Motueka, New Zealand, with a one-to-one coach.

3. A year-long engagement programme working with an organisational team.

4. One-day team strategy and visioning session.


Our workshops focus on harnessing Intention, Imagination, Planning and Action. They provoke self-awareness and personal responsibility in the individual or team and take a "get real" approach to inspired change and big picture contribution. We encourage mindfulness, environmental care and contribution. We encourage contemplation of impact at home, at work and within the community. We seek real change. We work on emotional hygiene and support people with areas of internal struggle and we show how personal change creates external results.   Our workshops our powerful and impactful immediately.