Expected Results

The Second Base experience develops leadership styles by exploring the relationships between self, community and organisation in a challenging and enjoyable manner.

Throughout the Second Base experience, participants will be exposed to experiential learning opportunities which include:

Current context

  • explore the current situation in which you operate
  • identify key challenges and impacts in your current environment
  • enhance awareness of your own leadership style and identify areas to improve and develop (this may involve linking your learning agenda to existing organisational assessment processes)
  • explore your impact on your team, peers and managers

Values based leadership and reflection

  • explore your values and purpose
  • explore your beliefs and their impact on self and others
  • practice effective and empowering communication techniques
  • explore the opportunities between leadership development, organisational growth and social consciousness.

Transformational leadership

  • identify steps towards on-going growth and leadership development
  • find the alignment of personal purpose and values with organisational goals
  • develop a sense of appreciation and perspective
  • enhance sense of self and realise personal responsibility
  • explore the reality of a social conscience and become interested in the opportunities to add value to your current environment.